September 27-28 Tohoku Volunteering

Autumn has come which is a nice time for volunteering. Team Nadia is going to Ishinomaki between Sep 26 (Fri) night and Sep 28 (Sun). The victims will be happy to see you and you will also use your positive energy through very rewarding activities. Please register soon, places are limited! The number of volunteer has to be limited around 13 people due to the bus size.

The currently planned activities are as following:

1. Shrine painting at a beautiful seaport called Orinohama
2. Fixing a historical monument at the same seaport
3. Cutting big trees which died due to damage from salt at another shrine
4. Food support for a festival held by the Ishinomaki social welfare council

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July 12-13 Tohoku Volunteering

The hot summer is coming! We are going to Ishinomaki to support the kids festival in Ishinomaki. This will be the 3rd time for us to support and it must be fun to see children growing up with the years. We are planning some other activities as well.

July trip date (2 days):
Friday 11 from 11 p.m. – return Sunday 13 in the evening.

The main activities is:
* Kids matsuri (festival)

Please bring your kids along! We will be helping out by preparing food and games for Ishinomaki and Kanto kids. This event was big fun last 2 years so don’t miss it. Japanese drums will also entertain all participants.

Adults will also be very helpful to carry the heavy shrine and support in making it a success. We hope to see many of you this time again!

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March 15-16 Tohoku Volunteering

It is almost 3 years since the disaster and it is great to learn that many schools will finally be re-opened in April, some by governments, some privately. It is so important to get these schools back up and running because otherwise parents are unable to return to the area, meaning that companies recovering from the disaster do not have enough employees.

While schools are being rebuilt, with many of them opening in April, these are being built with the very minimum resources due to the severe shortages of funding (especially for privately operated schools) and contractors who are in high demand.

Dogen-in is just one such example. A temple located at the top of the hill, became a refugee camp for more than 400 victims immediately after the tsunami for many weeks (  Having established a closer relationship with the community, and understanding the need for schools, they have raised more than JPY200m, including more than JPY100m of their own money as well as a 20 year loan for JPY68m. Even with such large monies, they had to cut back on many items which are not critical, including the playground.

Nadia has put together a number of sponsors and will be donating the following:

  • Earth to cover over the whole playground, still containing debris from the tsunami
  • A Playground of Hope playset (
  • Wood-decking (cut out from the budget)
  • Grass and Spring Toys for 0-1 year olds

Now we need volunteers to build all these items over the weekend of March 14-16, in time for the opening ceremony of the Hoikuen on 16th March. The Volunteer Work will include the following:

  • Building of playset (led by PoH staff)
  • Moving earth from one heap across the whole playground (led by Nadia leader)
  • Laying down grass and building Spring Toys for 0-1 year olds (led by Horiuchi-san of Sakae Corporation)
  • Building Wooden Decking (led by Shirai-san of Craft Setagaya
  • Preparation of Opening Ceremony
  • If possible, flower planting at other schools nearby

The overall itinerary is as follows:

14th March – 11pm – Depart Shinjuku by bus
15th March – 6am – Arrive Ishinomaki
15th March – 8am-3:30pm -Volunteer work
16th March – 8am-10am – Volunteer work
16th March – 10:30am-2pm – Opening Ceremony
16th March – 2:30pm – Depart Ishinomaki
16th March –  9pm – Arrive Shinjuku

This will be a very hard-working, highly rewarding experience, with lots of fun with many great volunteers! In addition, volunteers will be welcomed at the Opening Ceremony on 16th where they can meet the kids and children we do this for, as well as those who helped make this work.

We hope many of you can join us!

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September 28-29 Tohoku Volunteering

The time has come, at the end of September we will go up to Ishinomaki one more time with a bus full of volunteers as we did in the last two and a half years since the great Tohoku disaster.
This will be the last traditionally organized volunteer trip.

But don’t worry, nadia doesn’t end with this, there are many current and future projects that are led by nadia and involve the participation of volunteers.

The September activities are currently being organized and will be updated here soon.

Dates and Volunteering work time
– September 28 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– September 29 (Sun) 8:30 to 14:00

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July 13-15 Tohoku Volunteering

Please join us (again) on one of our last organized trips to Ishinomaki to help out the earthquake and tsunami victims. This time we will be mainly supporting a local kids festival by preparing food and games, the same that we attended last year which was big fun.

Please bring your kids to join the festival. Your contribution and ideas for entertaining the kids are also much appreciated.

Other activities include cleaning up debris at a shrine site, grass cutting, working in Kinkazan (a small sacred island – a team will go there by boat and stay overnight in a hotel) and more.

Dates and Volunteering work time
– July 13 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– July 14 (Sun) 8:30 to 16:00
– July 15 (Mon) 8:30 to 14:00

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Volunteering Trip June 1-2: Onagawa Music Festival

This trip we will support the Onagawa Music Festival which is a music event that attracts more than 2000 people. Check here for more details (in Japanese).

We have a booth where we prepare and serve roasted pig for the crowds. The main focus will be the festival but other smaller assignments might come up as well (photo cleaning, etc.)

Volunteering work time
– June 1 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– June 2 (Sun) 8:30 to 14:00

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April 13-14 Tohoku Volunteering

How about a weekend in Ishinomaki, one of the hard hit areas from the devastating quake and tsunami, helping out locals to restart their businesses, cleaning up the environment, work for various local projects, connect with other volunteers and enjoy a dip in the onsen after a hard working day?

Here is the current work plan for this trip:
– Destruction of a building
– Support the photo cleaning project
– Prepare location of Nadia’s new ware house
– Hamagurihama cleaning
– Bamboo cutting at Higashi-Matsushima

Volunteering work time
– April 13 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– April 14 (Sun) 8:30 to 14:00

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March 16-17 Tohoku Volunteering

Already 2 years… and still so much to do. Would you like to check the reconstruction and current situation with your own eyes? Would you like to get physically involved?
You are very welcome to join our activities this time again!

Here is the current plan for this weekend:
– Reparation of shrine gate (painting)
– Support of Hamaguri-hama project
– Photo cleaning project
– Renovation of the new nadia storehouse

Volunteering work time
– March 16 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– March 17 (Sun) 8:30 to 14:00

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November 17 – 18 Ishinomaki Volunteering


REGISTER ONLINE / ウェブ上参加登録 (日本語版は下記にあります) NADIA Volunteering Work on November 17-18 ( News: This weekend: two main events! 1) On Saturday, Opening ceremony of the Minato Community center in Ishinomaki, supported by Nadia. 2) Support of Marathon on Sunday! Dates: Volunteering … Continue reading